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Fast and intriguing, FlingsRus is a quick way to find partners for a love affair, party, dinner, holidays or an amazing adventure.

We strive to bring people together as soon as possible by minimising the time range between the online and real date.

If you are single, unhappily married, feeling lonely during a business trip, want to bring your romantic fantasies to life or just looking for some fun, FlingsRus is always with you to help, just install the application, connect to the Internet and be ready for flings!

Our main goal is to organise your affair as quickly as possible and protect your confidentiality. FlingsRus reduces time for registration, your personal data and even photo are not required. Just fill out the search fields and have a date that very day!

The search takes just several minutes. Simply enter your email and some details, choose your preferences, then select the place and time for a date. After that record a voice message for your partner and Go for it! Our system will find a partner for you and lead you to the meeting place showing the direction on the map.

FlingsRus on iOS

Meet other people any time, anywhere. Whenever you go, FlingsRus goes with you. Just install FlingsRus app.

FlingsRus on Android

Don’t be lonely any more. Install Android app and meet people around your place.

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